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Roofing Services from Palmyra, New York

Secore Contracting Services
provides professional roofing services to Palmyra, New York, and its surrounding areas. Pricing, honesty, and accuracy, are the qualities we are known for and the qualities you will appreciate in us.
Residential Roofing, Roofing Services in Palmyra, NY
We have proudly served the Tri-County area for over 17 years with the same owner, Matt Secore. Throughout the years we have offered consistently high quality service and roofing products at competitive prices, and we look forward to carrying on that tradition with you. 
Trust in us to complete any roofing job for your home or your business. We offer customized roofing for large projects and emergency repair services as needed. We are also pleased to offer you free work estimates with thorough inspection from our experienced staff. Call on us 24/7 for all your roofing jobs, including re-roofing, tear-offs, and new roof construction.
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